Monday, June 2, 2008

Blargh again!

So I did it Saturday instead. Here's how i did:
  • Bench: 145lbs -- 7 reps (down 1, almost did 8, but failed)
  • Shoulders: 105lbs -- 6 reps (new high)
  • Biceps: 60lbs -- 6 reps (new high)
  • Triceps: 40 lbs -- 6 reps (down 2)
  • Rows: 120lbs -- 6 reps (new high)
  • Pullups: 90lbs resist -- 10 reps (level up!)

Heh. Its a good thing there was someone around to help me. I hadn't been "pinned" at the bench press since high school. I would have been able to use the "emergency" hooks, but someone had put the weight clamps on them, so I was unable to get the load off me that way. *grumble*

On a lighter note, we finished week 5 of running. The only thing really to note here is the blister I've gotten on my right foot. This is unusual. I can't determine how it really developed, as I investigated my socks and the orthodics themselves and both seem fine. We'll see if further adjustements can fix this.

Week 6 running starts tomorrow. We'll be doing 5 mins walk / 12 mins run / 13 mins walk on Tuseday/Thursday/Sunday.