Friday, May 30, 2008


I swear, I'm terrible at updating these. However, rest assured that my inability to update these on a regular basis reflects any upon my habits with my workout plan. Here's how it all went down for this week so far.

We're on week 5 for running. 9/21 split. Its harder than i thought it would be, but the good news is i've not felt any knee pain. I'm jogging around my apartment complex now instead of the treadmill, as it allows me the flexibility to run with my IPoD more with podcasts to enjoy.

As for strength, here's how Monday went.
  • Bench: 145 -- 8 reps
  • Shoulders: 95 -- 10 reps (level up! FINALLY!!!!)
  • Biceps: 60 -- 5 reps (new high)
  • Triceps: 40 -- 8 reps (new high)
  • Rows: 105 -- 10 reps (level up!)
  • Pullups: 105resist -- 10 reps (level up!)

Doing another strength workout tonight after work.

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