Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Yikes, I Keep Forgetting to Update

Last time I lifted was Friday. Lets check the results:
  • Bench: 135 @ 9 reps (new high)
  • Legs: 225 @ 10 reps (level up!)
  • Shoulders: 95 @ 7 reps (+1, new high)
  • Biceps: 55 @ 9 reps (new high)
  • Triceps: 35 @ 8 reps (+4, new high)
  • Rows: 90 @ 6 reps (new high)
  • Pullups: 6

So how did i go down on my pullup reps? Well, I found out (finally) how the pullup machine worked. It was rather simple, really. The weights don't make it harder for you; on the contrary, you're requesting that much support. So when I set it to the lowest weight possible, it became that much harder to perform this exercise. However, this means I can finally gauge this inversely compared to my other workouts and start from a level of assistance that I can slowly build from, shooting back towards the lowest level of assistance.

Running week 2 went good. Today we started week 3. 5 minutes warm up walk, 6 minutes light run (and i mean light), and the rest of the 30 minutes was walk. No knee pain. Good times!

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