Friday, May 16, 2008

Cut Short!

GRAGh! I wanted to do the whole thing but no time. :( No Back Rows or Pullups today.

  • Bench: 135--10reps (level up!)
  • LegPress: 315--10reps (level up!)
  • Shoulders: 95--7reps(same)
  • Biceps: 55--5reps(4 lower)
  • Tricpes: 35--7reps(1 lower)

I started out REALLY well. I didn't expect to fly through bench so quickly, all of a sudden. I was stuck 4 workouts in a row at 115. Then BOOM 115 BOOM 125 BOOM 135. Leg press is following the same pattern, but that is to be expected from an ex-track runner. Shoulders...gagh. I'm wondering if I need more time to recover between bench and shoulders. Three minutes is about the time in between. Since I'm doing leg press, would a six minute difference make a...*sigh* difference?

I contribute my weaker performance in biceps and triceps to my sense of urgency with time this morning. I was trying to get to work on time and was cutting it pretty close ( i got to work RIGHT on time actually). I've GOT to allot more time to strength training.

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