Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Progress so far

Hello again. :)

Walked Sunday for 30 minutes and concluded my first week of training. It was good to get that started. So lets see what we got in store for us this week:

Monday: Strength
Tuesday: Run 3 / Walk 27
Wednesday: Strength
Thursday: Run 3 / Walk 27
Friday: Strength
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Run 3 / Walk 27

So how did we do on Monday?
1) Bench: 125lbs 10 reps (level up!)
Wow! I was only on this level for a week!

2) Leg Press: 135lbs 10 reps (level up!)
I decided this was more suiting for me, since squat didn't seem to treat my joints too well.

3) Shoulder press: 95lbs 6 reps
I seem to be stuck here. Perhaps I'm not waiting long enough after leg press (and consequently after bench, of course) to recover. A spotter would definitely help me cap my potential, because the problem with the shoulder press is that its not exactly the safest thing. Luckily, I finally FOUND one! My old friend Carl from last year. What a coincidence, as he comes here every day at the same time I do! Hopefully I'll see him tomorrow and we can make some progress on 95.

4) Biceps 50lbs 10 reps (level up!)
Wow, another surprise.

5) Triceps 35 lbs 5 reps
The difficulty curve for triceps seems to be pretty steep.

6) Rows 75 lbs 10 reps (level up!)
I think I'm finally reaching the level of resistance. I've been flying through these levels like nothing.

7) Pull ups 9 reps (+1!)

And for TODAY...I stretched lightly before my 3/27. Decided to go 5 minutes walk as a warm up, 3 minutes run afterwords, with the rest of the time left for walking. I was actually kind of nervous when the 5 minute mark drew closer. I had not jogged on a treadmill in about 8 months or so, since the knee pain returned. So at 5 minutes, we went at a 10 minute mile pace. There was some very very light pain in my knees, but oddly enough, it went away after about 40 seconds. Finished the 3 minutes without a problem.

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Anonymous said...

you are looking MUCH better on the pullups. Are they unassisted? Or do you need spotting on a few? And good job with the bench! Keep EVERYTHING up!!! -Mike