Thursday, April 17, 2008

2nd Strength Day: Slow Start, Strong Finish

Category ,Weight, Reps
Bench, 115lbs, 7reps lowered the weight amount
Squat , 135lbs , 8reps fewer reps than before, probably due to Wednesday's load
Shoulder Press, 95lbs, 5reps fewer reps than before
Bicep Curls, 40(80?)bs, 8reps fewer reps than before
tricep extension, 30lbs, 5reps lowered the weight amount
Standing Rows, 50lbs, 90reps raised the weight amount
Pullups, 4 +1! :)

We're starting to see some stability. I adjusted my loads from Tuesday to better reflect where I stood. I still need a spotter though, and I still~ don't know where to find one. I'm not frustrated with the fewer reps reported today, as I'm expecting that for doing someting 48 hours after being fresh. I expect some improvements next Tuesday. :)

Didn't wake up on time either! Threw me off! But it wasn't my fault! An emergency at 2:30AM woke me up, and I was still writhing about it (even though i fixed it) until about 4:00AM when I finally fell asleep. I suppose its nice to have that hour buffer of sleep though, just in case you have to recap.

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