Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday: Revision

Here's Monday's report. This is crazy!
Bench: 115: 10 reps (level up!)
Squat: 135: 10 reps (level up!)
Shoulders: 95: 6 reps (same)
Biceps: 45: 10 reps (level up!)
Triceps: 30: 10 reps (level up!)
Rows: 60: 10 reps (level up!)
Pullups (assisted): 8 (+1!)

Making progress!

So here's the new plan for this week: Monday: strength training Tuesday: 25 minute walk & stretching Wednesday: strength training (include lower body rehab), stretch Thursday: 30 minute walk, stretch afterwords Friday: strength training (include lower body rehab), stretch Saturday: rest Sunday: 30 minute walk, stretch

Following a plan I found online from a certified trialthlete coach. This was actually the plan i was following when I had my knee problem. *groan* I'm actually feeling a little bit of pain in my right knee today, which is somewhat discouraging. These pains have come and gone in both knees for the last month.

One thing I need to verify is the consistency of wearing orthotics. How often should I wear them? I need to call the office from where I receieved them and get this information.

Do I need to get my knees reexamined by a doctor? Its been...about 4 or 5 months since my last visit. It would be nice to see if any progress has been made concerning the core issue, and of course, it woudl be important to see if any progress was not being made...An option that is always available to me is talking to the trainers at Gold's again and explaining my situation, getting a (paid for) plan that encorporates my problem, thus I get the training I need plus the added bonus of working towards getting my knees better... I would have to actually go to the trouble of getting an actual figure of the estimated cost. If i remember correctly, its not cheap.

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