Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Strength Training: First Day!

What a humbling experience this was... I was utilizing a technique I picked up from the blogosphere where you take your reps in 5 second intervals (5 seconds extending/contracting, 5 seconds returning to normal position). Here's how I fared

Category ,Weight, Reps
Bench, 135lbs, 3reps
Squat , 135lbs , 9reps
Shoulder Press, 95lbs, 8reps
Bicep Curls, 85lbs, 11reps
tricep extension, 40lbs, 4reps
Standing Rows, 40lbs, 13reps
Pullups, 3

I should probably back off the bench and triceps in retrospect, and I can probably raise my weight amount in bicep curls and standing rows. Bottom line though is I will need to find someone to do this with. Without a spotter I can't go until my muscles fail, and thats the whole point!

Tomorrow is cardio/lowerbody mass. This time I'll have plenty of time to get it all done without worrying about where my training place is located.

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baucumdd said...

Here is my philosophy on work outs: Any work out is a good work out if you are consistent with it.
I know that sounds careless, too general, etc... but the bottom line is that you have to work out over time to realize the benefit.