Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Playing catch up!

So I forgot to post a few times. Bleh. Lets get you guys caught up.

Friday and Monday cardio days were the same old. Took me around 4 minutes to get to my HR of 157 at level 5 incline. Not too bad at all.

Since I don't have a "timed" training class, I am much more relaxed with my pace. As long as I get in the office between 8 and 9, I don't raise any eyebrows. I'm waking up at 6:00 AM on days where I dont have to come in early or late. So far its been surprisingly normal, thanks to my goal I accomplished last week.

Now today was my first strength training day to be done in the morning. Lets look at how I did:
Bench--- 115, 8 reps (+1 rep!)
Squat---135, 9 reps (+1 rep!)
Shoulders---95, 6 reps (+1 rep!)
biceps---40(80?), 10 reps (+2 reps!, time to level up!)
triceps---30, 7 reps (+2 reps!)
rows---50, 10 reps (+1 rep! time to level up!)
Now for pull ups I did somethign a little different. They had a machine that gave you some minimal assistance. I chose to do this since I strained my back with the normal pull up machine. This seemed a lot more controlled, and I got more out of it, I think. There were weights added to it, but I'm not sure how that works in the grand scheme of providing me with resistance...anyways:
Pullups---7! (+3 reps!!!)
That might not be the same weighted accomplishment as my 4 without the machine. But I got more high-intensity time regardless.

Still need to find a spotter. i won't reach full potential on the free weights without one.


baucumdd said...

Hey Sport. Great workout report. How's the bike so far? BTW, I saw a forecast for dense fog for Herndon tomorrow morning. Better take care!!!

baucumdd said...

You can always ask any guy nearby for a spot. It is socially acceptable.