Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Hey everyone, thanks for coming. This blog is dedicated to following up on my progress towards my fitness goals, as well as establishing some sort of accountability for the long run. Living by myself, its easy to for me to to pass up things I really don't feel like doing, but should be doing. We've all been there. The whole internal struggle drama thing. So epic it requires italicized text to build on the drama.


But seriously. Here's where we stand.

The goal: i want to run and complete a 5k. Simple enough. This is a stepping stone in my progression towards completing my first sprinters triathlon. It doesn't have to be record pace or by any means fast. I just want to complete it without (much) struggle.

Current status: I've received my orthodics and purchased my brand new running shoes, both fit for neutral support for folks like me that run most often on the outsides of their feet. These are both implemented into my strategy to address a knee problem I developed in September; some sort of misalignment in the joint. I basically couldn't stand for 5 minutes without a dull pain in both knees. It was very discouraging.

On this beautiful March 9th spring day, yours truly comes in at a respectable 170ish pounds (most scales tend to agree on this) and have a few inches on the waist I'd like purged. Furthermore, the pain in my knees has somewhat subsided due to my orthodics. Encouraging.

Current plan: I'm dedicating April to preparation to start a 5k training plan in May. As a lazy bum, I must first win any battles against my willpower to actually go to the gym. Thus, I've been working in the routine slowly, this week having gone 3 times (MWF) to do a 10-15 minute cardio walk and strength training for lower body. I hope to incorporate some upper body training Tuesday and Thursday, something suitable for a runner. I'm not quite sure how I will go about this. Preferably something toned rather than appearing quite brutish, like my little twin brothers.

My diet consists of pretty much anything I want to eat right now, but that doesn't mean I eat anything. I believe I have good common sense when it comes to a healthy meal. I've recently become a big rice fan.

In other news, I met someone in the office who has already done several triathlons in the past. She has experience with many "eastern" things, like acupuncture, drinks, and so forth. I might just have to ask her about those. Its curious.

Well, nothing else to report as of right now. :)

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baucumdd said...

Great to see you being proactive about your fitness. You have picked a good time of year to begin a program. Stay after it even on the days you don't feel motivated. I have seen your outlook improve many a time after a good work out!